See the Veterinarian When...

It is sometimes difficult to know if the symptoms or problems your pet is experiencing warrant taking it to the veterinarian. The following list details situations in which a visit to the veterinarian would be recommended.
-Red eyes
-Rapid or abnormal breathing
-Persistent coughing/choking
-Difficulty urinating or defecating
-Inappropriate urinations or defecations
-Increased water intake or urine output
-Frequent urinations
-Persistent vomiting or diarrhea
-Pronounced lethargy or tiredness
-Incoordination/Loss of balance
-Anorexia (Loss of appetite)
-Persistent lameness
-Skin growths
-Significant itching
-Skin sores
-Itchy or draining ears
-Difficulty giving birth
-Agresssion or other behavioral issues
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